Thursday, May 12, 2011

All Praise The Writer's Almanac

Today, and not for the first time, I heard an amazing poem read through the amazing voice of Garrison Keillor. This radio program has been essential to me as a writer and a person. Not only for its often wonderful choices in poetry (both well-known and young writers) but also its fantastic scope in its daily history report. Here's the poem I heard today that made me realize I haven't given Anne Sexton enough of my time. If you are new to Writer's Almanac, bless you. Have a look; have a listen. Subscribe to the podcast.

Although in the past, I've disagreed with some of their political biases--which seem to have cleared up since the Bush era ended--they often put together an amazing few minutes of beauty. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Anaximander and Dali, One Step Closer

Nearly 3000 year old idea has finally made the BBC News:

Fish Family

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Example of a Lazy Post

Just to give you a taste. Here's a band I'm sure you all heard of before me. But thanks to Sam for letting me in on the cool crowd. Anyway, like I said: lazy. I'm going to let Yuck do the rest of the work.


Aaaah! I've been avoiding this for years. I think I'm the last living poet to throw together a blog for the sake of self-marketing. I would love to say that it had to do with some moral standing, but I really have been... Well, busy and lazy and not looking forward to updating a blog.

(Not a very good salesman am I?)

Truth is: I want you (Yes, you!) to pay attention to the things I make. And the best way for me to make sure you get to my work is to set up this little blog of me as an advertisement. So here goes.

So far you can find links to most of written work available online over there to your right. It's mostly poetry, with one or two variations in the mix. I'm hoping to explore some other creative avenues, old and new, in the near future. As I do I'll be sure to put them up here.

As I mentioned, I'm a lazy blog poster. (You may remember this ghost cybertown.) So I'm going to try something new. Well, new for me. I'm going to just throw some random posts of things I find interesting up here from time to time to keep you from hating me. Will write ideas as they come if they fit the blog-vein. (And yes, that is my word, "blog-vein" and no you can't use it unless you can type that weird little copyright symbol followed by my name after each use.)