Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Post Thanksgiving Post

Hope my American friends' got their winter holidays off to a proper start. I read this nice little Adam Gopnik essay (see below) on the day we had a little Thanksgiving here in Osaka. Every year a dear friend manages to pull together expats from allover along with Japanese friends for a taste of America. Like everything that enters Japan, it takes on traits of Japan. The vast table always includes some sushi as well as seasonal Japanese fare. And of course the Kiwis bring lamb and an Aussie gives a cornbread recipe a go.

Anyway, this Gopnik essay made me again realize how much this holiday (especially in its current form out here) means to me. Of course, the essay is way bigger than my little world. But much like the holiday we recently enjoyed, I think there's a potential here for Americans, and all people of the world, to see in themselves. Here's to hoping we can keep the dream.